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Too Many Repairs

As time passes, houses in Pittsburgh require more and more maintenance to keep it up to date. Walls need to get painted, plumbing goes bad, the roof needs to get replaced, and so on. If you're facing a similar situation with your Pittsburgh property, you’re not alone. The average homeowner spends between 1-4 percent of the cost of the house on annual maintenance. The reality is that, as life goes by, required maintenance can pass you by without you even realizing it. Sometimes it's even out of your control and your Pittsburgh house suffers damages that can become too expensive to fix. However, you don't need to worry because we are able to buy houses in all conditions, even if they need massive repairs. You’ve found the right people for the job!

Don’t waste any more time, money or energy on that house of yours. Sell your Pittsburgh house to us as-is! We buy houses all over Pittsburgh in as-is condition. Remember, because we don’t use banks loans to purchase your house, its condition does not matter. In order to sell your house to traditional buyers you would have to repair your house to meet the strict bank guidelines.

Just fill out the form to sell your Pittsburgh House as-is and you’ll receive our best offer within 24 hours! In a matter of days, you could sell your Pittsburgh house and move on to the next best thing!

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