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If you have received a promotion or made a change in careers and you need to sell your Pittsburgh house fast, we can help. Relocation can be really stressful, for individuals and families alike. The list of things you need to do feels like it's endless. You need to find a new place to live, pack your stuff, turn on the water, register your kids in a new school and ect.

One of the first tasks that need to be taken care of is getting your Pittsburgh house sold. Now you can list it with a traditional real estate agent and pay them a commission. It could take months to find a buyer and once you have a buyer it takes another 45 days to close. We buy houses fast in Pittsburgh and we can close within as little as 21 days. Within 24 hours of filling out the form you will have an offer in your hand. Within a matter of days you can the stresses of selling your Pittsburgh house off of your mind.

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